Poker Ten easy tips to improve your online poker game

Ten easy tips to improve your online poker game

Online poker allows you to have more options than what you would have in your local card room. These additional options can make your online poker experience more enjoyable. Let’s have a look at what you can do when playing poker online.

1. You can choose the right website. You should feel at ease on the site you choose. Choose a site that has a low level of competition. Find a site offering the tournaments or games that you are searching for. Personal preference is key in choosing the right site. Take a look at many sites before you decide on the one that suits your needs.

2. Find the right game- Make sure you take advantage of your online casino’s lobby. Most lobby lists basic information, such as flop percentage and the average pot size. From here, you can search for players at different tables. A buddy list can be used to search for weaker players.

3. A buddy list is a good idea. You will be seeing the same players often if you play frequently. You should soon be able recognize the tendencies and patterns of many players. Once you have identified a player you are able to exploit, you should add him or her as a buddy. If you pay close attention, you will find plenty of “buddies”.

4. Pay Attention! Online gambling can easily lead to distractions. It is very simple. Let’s take a look: e-mail, the game on the baseball field, the phone, your kids, and your dog. Playing online is easy because you don’t need to be distracted or tired.

5. Play Only when You’re Prepared and Rested. Just think about how much you could gain over your average opponent by following this rule. Many players go online randomly. Sometimes they just want to relax and click on their favorite site. It’s likely that their bankrolls won’t be unwinding. You should give your playing sessions some thought.

6. Limit your play to a time limit or a number of hands. Set a time limit for your game and a limit on the number of hands you can play before you start. It is easy to lose focus when you are trying to play for just one more hand. Playing with just one more attitude can lead to many more hands.

7. Take Notes – This is great for keeping your eyes open even when you’re not holding a pencil. Create your own shorthand for taking notes. For instance, I might write “CC/Junk” (cold calls and junk) if I see a player who comes in for more than he should.

8. Use a Four Colored Deck, if you can. The online card icons can be smaller than real cards. It’s easy misinterpret a club card for a spade. It is worth the effort to change to a 4 color deck to avoid making one mistake.

9. Modify the Chat Feature – This should be set according to your preferences. You may like the chat. It keeps your attention and lets you hear what others are saying. Keep it on. You can turn it off if your attention is elsewhere. Many sites let you disable individual player chats.

10. Avoid using Auto Functions. Good players will spot a tell if you occasionally use the auto buttons that “Raise Any Hand” to raise your hand when you are strong and “Call Any Hand” when you are drawing. Try to wait for your turn every time and make sure you take the same amount to make your hand.

These are ten tips for improving your online poker playing. Some are not easy. Others require just a once-over adjustment of your options. They’re all quite simple. However, I believe that if you adhere to them, your online game will be more successful.

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